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Kevin M. Smith - Executive Director
Kate Sinicropi - Associate Exec. Director for Programs & Services
Maria Hastings - Associate Exec. Director for Administrative Services
Kathleen Carney - Central Intake Manager
Mission: Arc of Seneca Cayuga is a not-for-profi t agency comprised of people dedicated to assisting
and supporting individuals with disabilities, their families, and the community. Arc of Seneca Cayuga
provides opportunities and choices for employment, education, recreation, and community living to
assist individuals with disabilities in realizing a productive and fulfi lling life.
Services: Autism Services
C.H.A.N.C.E.S. - Offers services to families who have a child with autism or an autism spectrum
disorder. This program provides a parent support group coordinated by an LCSW-R. There are
presently two groups: one for parents of teenagers and one for parents of children of any age. Offers
educational opportunities for your child to try new skills at home or in the community and respite by
direct support professionals. (Also, see CLINIC for more autism services)
Community Habilitation - Through this service, people build and retain the skills necessary to become
more independent in some aspect of life. Services will take place in the home and community i.e.,
learning, cooking homemaking skills, personal care, banking, purchasing groceries, using the
community resources like the library or trying new hobbies like bowling, gardening etc. Hab services
are designed to assist participants in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and
adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community.
Community Services - Provides support to people with disabilities and their families. Cayuga County
programs provide service coordination, benefi t management assistance, legal and educational
advocacy, crisis assistance, individual habilitation services, family reimbursement, parent support,
guardianship information, respite assistance, summer camp, family supports and services, fi scal
management services, individual supports and services and self-directed services.
Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) - An in-home program which allows individuals to
hire and train an attendant of their choice to assist them with their personal care. Staff assists individuals
(or their representatives) in learning the process of hiring, training, supervising and scheduling
their own assistants.
Respite: Provides small group social/recreational outings through hourly respite.
Transition Support: This program assists families with school-age children who are developmentally
disabled or dually-diagnosed and who exhibit challenging behaviors which present a potential
roadblock to their success. Staff work with students who may have diffi culty with the transition from
school to adult services. Services are coordinated with school, community and home with the goal of
increasing the individual’s skills. Clinicians also work with students 17 to 21 years old who may have
diffi culty with the transition from school to adult services. This Clinic Transition Support program
would provide clinical assessment of the student in natural settings, education and support to parents
and appropriate school personnel,
2016-2017 Directory Living in Cayuga County The Citizen. Auburn, NY 17
Day Habilitation - Each Day Habilitation program is specifi cally designed to meet individual needs.
Program sites are available that are suitable for the young and active, the elderly, and everything in between.
People with all levels of need are welcome; each person's program is designed based on their
abilities and preferences. On-site activities might include basic daily living skills, or include Instruction
in areas such as cooking, computer training, gardening and artistic expression. Community outings
could include bowling, shopping, dining, or volunteering at many area not-for-profi t organizations.
Clinical services are available based on individual need and physician order.
Seniors Program is a Retirement Day Hab without Walls, where every day is a community adventure,
learning about all the activities that are available in the community.
Spot Light Studio - This theatrical program provides opportunities for people with disabilities through
creative expression in acting, singing, dancing, art, stand-up comedy and playwriting. There are also
behind-the-scene choices, such as costume making, set construction and technical production opportunities.
On the second Thursday of each month, Spot Light Studio hosts ‘Showcase’, talent show
featuring music, comedy skits, dancing and more.
Transportation Services - are provided (to and from their homes) for all individuals enrolled in agency
programs. Passenger safety is a primary concern; all vehicles are regularly maintained. Key staff is
available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. The fl eet include buses equipped with wheelchair
Karl D. Warner Clinic - Provides individuals with psychological assessment and diagnoses for OPWDD
eligibility for services, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Article 16 clinic provides individuals
with developmental disabilities convenient access to a wide variety of habilitative services, including
psychiatry, occupational therapy, psychology, physical therapy, social work, nursing services, speech
services, nutrition and rehabilitation counseling. These services are provided on a per-visit basis at
various community locations. Intensive Clinical Services are available for those individuals identifi ed.
A clinical team provides these services in conjunction with programs, schools, residential staff or
parents at home.
Intensive Behavioral Services (IBS): An HCBS Waiver service for individuals residing in settings not
certifi ed by OPWDD and who present with substantial challenging behaviors that put them at imminent
risk of placement in a more restrictive living environment. The focus is on clinical and behavioral
treatment and intervention to prevent behaviors from reaching crisis level.
Autism Intensive Services - Services are provided by clinicians trained to provide services in the home
and work with families to develop a person specifi c plan. Behaviorally based data is collected to
assess the services success or alter the plan. Clinical staff coordinate with school and other program
providers, for a consistent approach to presenting issues.
Vocational Services - are offered through Intensive and Extended Supported Employment; Individual
and Group; Community Pre-vocational Services, and Pathway to Employment create a full range of
opportunities. Each person is able to work at his or her optimal skill level while earning a paycheck
and enjoying the satisfaction of meaningful work. The vocational programs are integrated with our
Lifestyles personal enrichment program. Group and individual Supported Employment services, as
well as intensive, job development and training and extended services, once they are successfully
placed in a job.
The residential program offers choices in living arrangements for adults who are over the age of 18
and who have a developmental disability. Options include ten Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA's)
in Cayuga County. These houses are home to 4 or 5 people; all homes provide 24-hour supervision,
guidance, and support from staff.
There are also fi ve 24-hour supervised apartments in Cayuga County (for up to ten individuals).
Supportive IRA's are also available in both counties for persons who are prepared for a more
independent lifestyle and who do not require 24-hour supports. Planned respite is available at our
Shevchenko IRA on weekends only, on a rotational basis.
Eligibility: Individuals must meet OPWDD eligibility for Waiver Services and must be Medicaid-eligible.
Some vocational programs require Eligibility for VESID guidelines.
Volunteer Opportunities: Assisting both children and adults in program and in community settings.
Contact Denise Vreeland, Director of Quality Assurance, (315) 612-0136.
Hours: Administration, Monday - Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm; Residential sites are 24/7. Clinic, Day
Services, and Vocational programs hours are 8:30am-4:00pm.

518 James St., Ste. 100, Syracuse, NY 13203
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Debra L. Chaiken - President
Mission: To promote independence and opportunity for people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf,
hard of hearing, late-deafened and deaf/blind in a three county area, including Cayuga County.
Services: Rehabilitation services include social work, adaptive daily living skills instruction, orientation
and mobility instruction, low vision services, adaptive technology evaluation and training, children’s
instructional services, Veteran’s Administration Hospital’s telephone switchboard service staffed by
individuals with visual impairments, vocational & employment services, sign language instruction and
sign language interpreting service.
Volunteer Opportunities: Mass mailings, assist with special projects and fundraising events
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm

Epilepsy – PRALID
2507 James St., Syracuse, NY 13211
Phone: (315) 463-7965 ~ Fax: (315) 463-8221 ~ Toll-free: (800) 962-6578
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333 E. Washington St., Rm. 230, Syracuse, NY 13202
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Patrick Sheppard - District Office Manager
Mission: To assist eligible persons with disabilities to find and keep suitable employment.
Services: For those individuals found to be eligible, the following services may be available:
Individualized vocational counseling and guidance, vocational training either on the job or in an educational
setting; supported employment, job placement, adaptive equipment and other vocational rehabilitation
services needed to become employed. Vocational rehabilitation, employment and training.
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. 

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