The Human Services Coalition is comprised of consumers, agencies, professionals and citizens of Cayuga County.  There is ongoing discussion concerning strategies for implementing improved systems of communication between service providers, the identification of barriers to the provision of services, and the assessment of community needs.

The Human Services Coalition is funded by a Community Development Block grant via the City of Auburn, Office of Planning and Economic Development; the United Way of Cayuga County; membership and project specific grant funding.



The mission of the Human Services Coalition of Cayuga County is to bring together human service providers, public and private organizations, and individuals to address the needs of the community through inter-agency coordination, information sharing and collaboration.


  • Share information between agencies and throughout the community.

  • Promote collaboration among organizations and within the community.

  • Coordinate services that can benefit many agencies.

  • Research community needs and make other needs assessment data available.


The Coalition facilitates collaboration and information sharing among members and the larger community, and provides:

  • The Living in Cayuga County: A Community Directory published annually in The Citizen

  • HSC Website – directory, volunteer listings, needs assessment data

  • Newsletter and list serve

  • Coordinate seminars and presentations


The Coalition is a member organization of human services organizations and individuals who join for a modest membership fee

Standard member - $50.00, Supporting member- $125.00 and above, For Profit - $100.00, For Profit Supporting member - $150.00 and Community member - $10.00. 

The Coordinating Council is comprised of 15 members elected by the membership of the Coalition.  Its monthly meetings are always open to the community.

Task Groups:

Under the umbrella of the Coalition are several task groups.  They include:

The task groups meet regularly with membership drawn from the community and agencies.  Each task group has defined short-term and long-term goals involving information sharing and specific projects.

For further information contact us at:

The Human Services Coalition
23 Chapman Ave.
Auburn, NY 13021
Email: admin@human-services.org

Human Services Coalition is a United Way Agency

                            Human Services Coalition supporting members

Click the image above to download a PDF copy of this 72 page guide to your computer or mobile device.

Click the image above to download a PDF copy of this 72 page guide to your computer or mobile device.