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Edward Myers-Hayes - President & CEO
Dee Dee Schenck - Vice President of Operations


Formerly known as Cayuga Home for Children, our mission is to help children, families, and individuals to grow as independent, healthy and productive citizens through quality counseling, residential and support services. We do this in partnership with those we serve as well as government agencies and other service providers.


Residential Treatment Center

Serves children ages 11 to 18, from throughout CNY, who are placed by the family court system. Residents and their families partner with staff in creating individual treatment plans which focus on their gaining the skills and attitudes needed to return home or become ready for independent living. For information contact Sue Walsh, Intake Specialist at or Kelly Ware, Intake Specialist Services for this program for Cayuga County residents are only available through a referral by Cayuga County Health and Human Ser vices.

Family Resiliency Programs

- For information on the Family Resiliency Programs contact Cindi Pa-gan, Vice President of Community-Based Interventions at Phone: (315) 253-5383, ext. 1243 or

Family Preservation Program

Families are provided with intensive in-home support for 4 – 6 weeks to prevent unnecessary foster care placements. The program focuses on strengths and teaches skills to enhance family functioning. Families have access to a social worker and full emergency ser vices 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services for this program for Cayuga County residents are available through referral by Cayuga County Health and Human Services.

Family Support Program

Families receive in-home supports approximately twice a week for 4 – 6 months. Families have access to a social worker and full emergency ser vices 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services for this program for Cayuga County residents are available through referral by Cayuga

County Health and Human Services.

 “Whatever It Takes” Program

Based on the wrap-around services model, the program works with youth in out-of-home care to speed their return home by building in-home supports to create a successful transition. Supports include parent coaching, youth skills training, 24 hours on-call and other services. Services for this program for Cayuga County residents are available through referral by Cayuga County Health and Human Services.

SPwDD Programs

- For information on SPwDD Services, contact Shannon Abate, Vice President of SPwDD Services at Phone: (315) 253-5383 ext. 1235 or

Weekend Respite Program

Families can take time out from the constant demands of caring for a family member with a developmental disability. Weekend Respite also gives the consumer an opportunity to socialize and enjoy a variety of recreational activities as a guest in the program. Guests receive assistance with personal care, meal times, medication and other areas of need. T rained, attentive staff are on duty at all times. To receive services from this program, the individual must be enrolled in OPWDD’s Medicaid Waiver Program. For more information, please speak with your Individual Medicaid Service Coordinator.

 “In Between” Respite Program

- Designed to provide weekday afternoon respite to caregivers while encouraging socialization for individuals with a developmental disability. The program operates Monday  Friday from 2:30pm-5:30pm, fi lling the gap between the end of the school day and early evening. For more information, please speak with your Individual Medicaid Service Coordinator.

 “After 5” Weeknight Respite Program

- Provides respite so families caring for developmentally disabled children and adults living at home may have a much needed break. “After 5” guests enjoy games, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, movies, and other activities Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:30pm-10:00pm. Trained, qualified staff oversee the program. For more information, please speak with your Individual Medicaid Service Coordinator.

Day Habilitation Services

- Day Habilitation services are provided for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities. Participants enjoy an array of social and recreational activities, while receiving assistance with personal care and other areas of need. Individuals work toward goals and objectives that are derived from their valued outcomes. Staff assists and support individuals to reach a higher level of independence in all areas of life. Services from this program are open to anyone enrolled in OPWDD’s Medicaid Waiver Program. For more information, please speak with your Individual Medicaid Service Coordinator.

At-Home Residential Habilitation

- Provides at-home assistance to individuals, with the goal of helping them to become increasingly independent and able to live in the least restrictive environment possible. Services from this program are open to anyone enrolled in OPWDD’s Medicaid Waiver Program. For more information, please speak with your Individual Medicaid Service Coordinator.

Family Reimbursement

- Cayuga Centers is granted funding to assist families with costs of goods or services directly related to the care of a family member with a developmental disability. These monies aid families in obtaining such needed items as in-home respite services, adaptive equipment, special clothing and other items as necessary. Services from this program are open to anyone eligible for OPWDD Services. For more information, please speak with your Individual Medicaid Service Coordinator.

Medicaid Service Coordination

- Assistance with advocacy, referral to other services, medical appointments, etc. is provided to individuals who are developmentally disabled. For more information, please contact Shannon Abate, Vice President of SPwDD Services at (315) 253-5383 ext. 1235 or

Early Intervention

-Early Intervention Ongoing Service Coordination supports parents as they make decisions regarding the continuing care of their young child who has special needs. Coordinators provide resources to help parents and their children reach their goals. For more information, please contact Shannon Abate, Vice President of SPwDD Services at (315) 253-5383 ext. 1235 or

Treatment Family Foster Care (TFFC)

- Places 12-17 year old “hard-to-fi t” youth in homes with highly motivated, trained, and supported foster families. Through a very individualized process, we carefully match host families with children to ensure a good “fi t” for everyone involved. The foster home is then “flooded” with clinical and therapeutic support for both the children and the foster families, as well as for the families of origin. Utilizing a very clear point-and-level system, the children are able to change their negative behavior, which enables them to move in more positive directions. This challenging and rewarding program is a successful and cost-effective alternative for adolescents who are particularly challenged by a group setting. For information about TFFC, contact Kari Smith, Director of CNY Treatment Family Foster Care, at Phone: (315) 253-5383 ext. 1162. Services for this program are only available for Cayuga County residents through a referral by Cayuga County Health and Human Services.

Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

- MST is a nationally-validated program that provides intensive family-and-community-based treatment that addresses the multiple determinants of serious antisocial behavior in juvenile offenders. This program serves children ages 11-18 in Cayuga County who are at risk of entering or re-entering an OCFS or other out-of-home placement. Through this program, Cayuga Centers MST Therapists help families increase communication, discipline more effectively and create a more supportive family environment. Families have access to an MST Therapist 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For information about Multisystemic Therapy please contact Cindi Pagan, Vice President of Community-Based Interventions at Phone: (315) 253-5383, ext. 1243. or Services for this program for Cayuga County residents are only available through referrals by Cayuga County Health and Human Services.

Hours: Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. Many programs and services are provided at times convenient to each family.




182 North St., Auburn, NY 13021
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Richard M. Hansinger - Executive Director


The E. John Gavras Center, United Cerebral Palsy Association of Cayuga County, Inc.’s mission is to provide the highest quality educational, habilitative and therapeutic Services in Cayuga and surrounding counties to help children, families and individuals grow as independent, healthy and productive citizens.


The service area includes Cayuga, Seneca, Wayne, Onondaga and Tompkins Counties. The E. John Gavras Center is an evaluation and treatment facility in Cayuga County providing educational, therapeutic, OPWDD, and respite care to individuals with special needs from birth through adult.


- The integrated preschool program at the 182 North Street site serves children from three to five years old. The curriculum for the integrated preschool classroom is based on developmentally appropriate practices with an emphasis on child-centered activities and is aligned with the N.Y.S. Standards.

Classes are half-day (2 1/2 hours) and may have up to 15 students. Certified teachers teach all classes.

The Universal Pre-K Program works with area school districts to help provide preschool services for four year olds. Community Preschool is available for a nominal fee for three to five year olds.

Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT)

- Certified Special Education Teachers are available to support children in community and home settings. Itinerant teachers work with the staff at community preschools and with families to foster a better understanding of the child’s strengths, needs, and learning style.

Therapy Services

- Speech/Language, Physical and Occupational Therapy can be provided to area school districts on a contract basis and is available to families privately. In addition, the E. John Gavras Center provides speech/language therapy services from birth through adults. These services include a variety of developmental and physical disorders. Vital Stimulation Therapy is now available to treat clients with swallowing disorders.

Medicaid Service Coordination

- A program operated under the New York State Offi ce of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to provide support, advocacy and coordination of services to individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability. Service Coordination is based on the principle of a “Person Centered Approach” to planning services and supports. These supports and services could include ac-cessing funding for services, advocacy in a variety of settings, such as school or work, making referrals, facilitating meetings and maintaining benefi ts and eligibility. The Medicaid Service Coordinator is a person chosen by an individual, his or her family or legal guardian, who assists the person in identifying the type of help needed to attain his or her goals and aspirations of life.

Group Day Habilitation

- A Medicaid Waiver program operated under the auspices of OPWDD, the Group Day habilitation services help individuals with daily life activities and in making rewarding connections and relationships within their communities. These services are very fl exible and can be provided almost anywhere in the community an individual wishes to learn new skills. At the E. John Gavras Center, these services are provided on a one to one basis (one direct service provider to one consumer), which allows for a truly individualized program. Small group instruction may be provided if the consumer so desires, subject to availability.

Community Habilitation

- A Medicaid Waiver program operated under OPWDD, the Community Habilitation services help individuals with daily life activities in their home environment and community. The services may be provided at any time of day; as long as similar Medicaid funded services (e.g. day habilitation services or state plan services) are not provided at the same time. At the E. John Gavras Center, these services are provided on a one to one basis (one direct service provider to one consumer), which allows for a more flexible, individualized program. In the Individualized Service Plan, a person has identified meaningful outcomes that staff assists and support the individual in attaining.

Individual Residential Alternatives

- These are residential homes where 24 hour supervision is provided to consumers. They are designed to promote independence, integration inclusion, and allow individuals to be productive as possible within the community. The Center’s focus is on maintaining the IRA as the consumer’s home. Staff focuses on skill development and oversees the activities of a consumer’s daily living and health needs.

Waiver Respite

- Friday evening respite provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities ages 16 and up (3 to 1 ratio). The program provides activities in meal planning/preparation and projects that help build creativity and imagination. The group meets on Fridays from 3:00 to 7:00 at the Cranebrook location. Contact your Medicaid Service Coordinator to review the information and make a referral to the program.


- a United Way initiative which promotes the healthy development of children birth to age five in Cayuga County with activities and innovative programs for children and their families. Please contact Nancy Tehan - Success By 6 Coordinator at Phone: (315) 255-2746. See full description listed in directory.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library

- Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a FREE program available to preschool (from birth to age 5) children living in Cayuga County administered through the E John Gavras Center. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library will mail a new, hardcover children’s’ book to your child every month until their fifth birthday. Reading to your child at a young age promotes literacy and learning ability later in life. To register go to or Phone: (315) 255-2746.

E. John Gavras Training & Development Center

- Specializes in Human Resource Development and Training for the profit and non-profit organizations in Upstate New York offering a full line of HRD and Training Services. We can work with your organization to custom design training and development services that meet your needs. People are your greatest asset. Our services can help you create a positive work environment by training your employees and helping them gain essential skills and resources to flourish in the workplace. Contact Steve Smith, M.S. Ed Director.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Classroom volunteers including reading partners - contact Cathy Barrigar at (315) 255-2746.

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30am-5:00pm.




208 West Main St., Elbridge, NY 13060
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Aaron Harris - President

To set ourselves apart as an organization that provides the highest quality, person centered services to all of the individuals we support.


Licensed Home Care Services for the elderly and individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury in Auburn, Cortland, Oneida, Syracuse, and across Central New York.

Traumatic Brain Injury Services - Home and community based services through the Medicaid waiver for individuals with TBI (HCBS/TBI). We provide care for individuals with other types of disabilities on a private pay basis. Services include service coordination, home & community support services/Personal

Care Aides, Independent Living Skills Training, Community Integration Counseling, and a Structured Day Program.

Structured Day Program - located at 9 State St. in Auburn- “Choices for Change”, a division of ElderChoice Inc.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Our structured day program is always looking for volunteers

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. 24/7 care in the home.




1521 Clark Street Road, Auburn, NY 13021;
Phone: (315) 612-0100 Fax: (315) 255-2328
180 North St., Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: (315) 255-2285 Fax: (315)255-3270
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Administrative Office: 1083 Waterloo-Geneva Rd., Waterloo, NY 13165
Phone: (315) 539-5067 Fax: (315) 539-3735
Kevin M. Smith - Executive Director
Kate Sinicropi - Associate Exec. Director for Programs & Services
Maria Hastings - Associate Exec. Director for Administrative Services
Kathleen Carney - Central Intake Manager


Seneca Cayuga ARC is a not-for-profit agency comprised of people dedicated to assisting and supporting individuals with disabilities, their families, and the community. Seneca Cayuga ARC provides opportunities and choices for treatment, employment, education, recreation, and community living to assist individuals with disabilities in realizing a productive and fulfilling life.


Autism Services


- Offers services to families who have a child 21 or younger with autism or an autism spectrum disorder. This program provides a parent support group coordinated by a psychologist, educational opportunities for your child to try new skills at home or in the community, and respite by trained professionals.

Community Habilitation

- Through this service, people build and retain the skills necessary to become more independent in some aspect of life. Services will take place in the home and community i.e., learning, cooking homemaking skills, personal care, banking, purchasing groceries, using the community resources like the library or trying new hobbies like bowling, gardening etc. Habilitation services are designed to assist participants in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community.

Community Recreation

- Activities are designed to provide an integrated, therapeutic, safe and enjoyable experience for children, teens, and adults.

Community Services

- Provides support to people with disabilities and their families. Both Seneca and Cayuga County programs provide service coordination, benefit management assistance, legal and educational advocacy, crisis assistance, individual habilitation services, family reimbursement, parent support, guardianship information, respite assistance, summer camp and recreation for adults and children.

Transportation to doctor’s appointments and planned shopping can be provided.

Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA)

- An in-home program which allows individuals to hire and train an attendant of their choice to assist them with their personal care. Staff assists individuals (or their representatives) in learning the process of hiring, training, supervising and scheduling their own assistants


  • Consolidate Supports and Services
  • Family Supports and Services
  • on the Go-Transportation for Individuals and Families
  • Fiscal Management Services
  • Individual Supports and Services
  • Self-Directed Services


Alzheimer’s Services (Gordon Eadie Activity Center)

- This program is available one day per week for adults who suffer from memory loss, dementia, confusion, and Alzheimer’s disease. The program is designed to meet individual needs and to promote an environment that is safe and stimulating, while allowing caregivers needed time away.

Camp Columbus

- Located on Owasco Lake, is the agency’s summer day camp for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Activities include fi eld sports, music, drama, arts and crafts, swimming, and fishing. The waterfront has a wheelchair accessible lift.

Day Habilitation

- Each Day Habilitation program is specifically designed to meet individual needs. Program sites are available that are suitable for the young and active, the elderly, and everything in between.

People with all levels of need are welcome; each person’s program is designed based on their abilities and preferences. On-site activities might include basic daily living skills, or include instruction in areas such as cooking, computer training, gardening and artistic expression. Community outings could include bowling, shopping, dining, or volunteering at many area not-for-profi t organizations. Clinical services are available based on individual need and physician order.

F.A.M.E. Center for Creative Expression- This theatrical program provides opportunities for people with disabilities through creative expression in acting, singing, dancing, art, stand-up comedy and playwriting.

There are also behind-the-scene choices, such as costume making, set construction and technical production opportunities. There are usually two performances per year.

Karl D. Warner Clinic - Provides individuals with psychological assessment and diagnoses for OPWDD eligibility for services, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Article 16 clinic provides individuals with developmental disabilities convenient access to a wide variety of habilitative services, including psychiatry, occupational therapy, psychology, physical therapy, social work, nursing services, speech services, nutrition and rehabilitation counseling. These services are provided on a per-visit basis at various community locations. Intensive Clinical Services are available for those individuals identifi ed. A clinical team provides these services in conjunction with programs, schools, residential staff or parents at home.

Transition Support

- The objective of this program is to assist families with school age children who are developmentally disabled or dually diagnosed and exhibit challenging behaviors which present a potential roadblock to their success. Clinicians also work with students 17 to 21 years old who may have difficulty with the transition from school to adult services. This Clinic Transition Support program would provide clinical assessment of the student in natural settings, education and support to parents and appropriate school personnel, and education to provide guidance to the family, school personnel and support professionals involved

Transportation Services

- are provided (to and from their homes) for all individuals enrolled in agency programs. Passenger safety is a primary concern; all vehicles are regularly maintained and equipped with two-way radios for safety. Key staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fleet includes buses equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Vocational Services

- are offered through Supported Employment, Enhanced Supported Employment, Integrated Pre-Vocational Services, and Job Track create a full range of opportunities. Each person is able to work at his or her optimal skill level while meaning a paycheck and enjoying the satisfactions of meaningful work. The vocational programs are integrated with our Lifestyles Personal Enrichment Program.



The Residential Program offers adults with developmental disabilities choices in living arrangements.

Residential options include ten Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA’s) in Cayuga County (4 or 5-person homes), as well as fi ve IRA’s in Seneca County (include a 3-person, 5-person, 7-person, 8-person, and a 12-person home). All homes provide 24-hour supervision, guidance, and support from staff. There are also fi ve 24-hour supervised apartments in Cayuga County (IRA's) (4 or 5 person homes) as well as fi ve IRA’s in Seneca County (includes a 3-person, 5 person, 7 person 8-person and a 12 person home). All homes provide 24 hours supervision, guidance and support from staff.

There are also five 24 hour supervised apartments in Cayuga County for up to (ten individuals. Supportive IRA’s are also available in both counties for persons who are prepared for a more independent lifestyle and who do not require 24 hour supports. Planned respite is available at our Shevchenko IRA on weekends only, on a rotational basis.

Eligibility: Individuals must meet OPWDD eligibility for Waiver Services and must be Medicaid-eligible. Some vocational programs require Eligibility for VESID guidelines.

Volunteer: Opportunities: Assisting both children and adults in program and in community settings. Contact Susan Witchey, Director of Quality Assurance, 612-0136, ext. 12136.

Hours: Administration, Monday - Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm; Residential sites are 24/7. Clinic, Day Services, and Vocational programs hours are 8:30am-4:00pm.




34 Wright Avenue, Suite C, Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: (315) 253-6227; Fax: (315) 253-4528
Liz Smith - Executive Director


To empower and enrich the lives of people in recovery, coping with a mental illness, and/or diagnosed with a developmental disability. This is accomplished by offering supports and services in an inclusive, person-centered environment. Our vision is that all individuals are respected, and lead lives of personal fulfi llment and acceptance within our community.


Mental Health Services

- Phone:(315) 253-8732 ext 327. Assists individuals with psychiatric disabilities to be contributing members of their communities by building skills, independence, and self-esteem.

Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Treatment

Phone: (315) 282-0241, ext. 251. Provide adult education opportunities to help individuals receive (how to) information to help them make day-to-day life decisions concerning housing, employment, education, and socialization. Also provides services to families through the consumer-focused Family Consultation Program.

Transitional Housing

- Offers intermediary housing options to individuals with mental illness as they work toward independent living.

Permanent Supported Housing

- Offers support for persons who are ready for more independence.

Drop-In Center

- Located at the Calvary Food Pantry, 90 Franklin Street in Auburn. The Center is run for and by people receiving mental health services. Individuals can stop by for support, understanding, a reasonably priced meal, and activities.

Supervised Community Residence

- Provides skill development counseling to improve socialization, community interaction, symptom and medication management, and other daily living skills.

People with Developmental Disabilities Services

- Cayuga County -

Phone: (315) 258-9531 ext.209.

The programs and services are designed so that the consumers are leading lives of personal fulfi llment and acceptance within their community. We provide support and access to housing, employment and service coordination.

Day Habilitation Center

- Cayuga County –

Phone: (315) 258-9531 ext. 206. Services and support for people with developmental disabilities through social interaction, volunteer opportunities and building natural supports within the community.

Residential Habilitation

- Provides supports and services in a variety of residential settings: Supervised IRA (24/7 Staffi ng), Supportive IRA (scheduled staff visits throughout the week), and At Home Residential Habilitation (Services provided in a non-certified living environment). The supports and services focus on activities of daily living, accessing community resources and healthcare oversight. (IRA = individual residential alternative)

Medicaid Service Coordination

– Assist people with developmental disabilities in gaining access to necessary services and support to help them live successful lives within the community according to their own needs and desires.

Alcohol/Drug Addiction Services

- GRACE House, Auburn NY.
Phone: (315) 258-3998.

Grace House- An alcohol and drug community residence for men and women looking to create a safe and sober lifestyle. Individuals at GRACE House receive support from professional staff as well as peers as they work on an individualized recovery plan.

Supported Living Program

– Provides case management and support services, including pre-vocational and employment training, in an apartment living setting.

Unity Employment Services- Auburn, NY.
Phone: (315) 253-8732.

Offers support to people with disabilities or with a history of employment challenges in securing and maintaining jobs along with career exploration assistance, job search assistance, job coaching, and performance monitoring.

Volunteer Opportunities: Receptionist/clerical work, handyperson, gardeners.

Hours: Many of Unity House’s services are offered 24/7, 365 days a year. Administrative offi ces are open Monday – Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.